Pricing Models That Fit Your Needs

Cloudbreakr™ Premium
offers 360° influencer marketing solution to take your influencer marketing to the next level!




1,000 HKD monthly
9,000 HKD yearly


3,500 HKD monthly
31,500 HKD yearly

Media / Influencer Ranking

Weekly Email Digest


6 Credits /month 60 Credits /month 180 Credits /month

Profile Search / List Comparison

unlimited unlimited unlimited

Influencer Discovery

unlimited unlimited unlimited

Influencer Profile Insight

Keyword/Hashtag Search

unlimited unlimited unlimited

Quotation Request


Topic Discovery

unlimited unlimited

Keyword Combination

Topic Search

Data Export

Subscription is too much? No worries, we have special plan for you

Offer advanced solutions to meet every global brand’s need

  • Custom Platform Package
  • Custom Data Report
  • API Integration

Frequently Asked Questions 💭❓🙏🏻

What can I do with Cloudbreakr platform?
You can use our platform to plan your marketing strategy, such as conduct instant topic discovery with any keywords or hashtags, perform influencer search, profile auditing, quotation request and more.
Does the platform offer free usage?
Yes. Currently we provide Startup plan for users to access the platform for free, with limited access to certain features. You can also look for our promo code for full access to our platform at a given period of time.
How can I know if my account is going to expire?
You can see the expiry date of your account in the top right corner of the dashboard or inside your profile setting page. For Startup plan, there is no expiry date. Thus, if your promo offer or paid subscription expire, your account shall automatically downgrade as Startup plan.
What can I do with the credit?
You can use the credit to unlock influencer profile insights for 30 days, get influencer quotation (our dedicated platform support team will get the latest quotation with the page owner based on your instruction) and perform topic discovery.
How many credit can I get every month?
Different amount of credit is allocated to you based on your current plan. The amount of credit is restored in the beginning of the month. If you are joining the platform in mid of the month, you will still get the full amount of credit.
Can I request for more credit or custom platform package?
Yes. We offer custom plan and enterprise solution on request. For example, we offer enterprise plan that provide a large amount of credit on an annual basis without any restriction on monthly usage or restoration of credit. You can contact us for further discussion.
Can I run an influencer campaign on your platform?
Our campaign marketplace is currently opened for our paid client only. You may contact our sales team to understand more.
How can I subscribe for the platform license?
You can subscribe through online payment via Stripe. We accept Visa, Master or other credit card payment. If you prefer to purchase via other payment option, please contact us to arrange.
Can I start/end my online subscription anytime?
Yes. We charge on a monthly basis except the enterprise plan. If you make your purchase in the mid of the month, the amount of charge shall be adjusted on a pro-rata basis within the current month. Meanwhile, you can end your subscription anytime, but the fee charged for the current month will not be refunded and you can access to the current plan until the end of the service period.